VESS Position Statements  
  • Officers & Committees

The Executive Council is pleased to announce an open call for volunteers for next year’s committees. Both nominations of other members and self-nominations are invited.

Please sign up by Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Officers 2021 – 2022


Jason T. Lee, MD
Stanford University


Ravi Veeraswamy, MD
Medical University of South Carolina


Misty Humphries, MD
University of California, Davis


Mark Conrad, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital


Ravi Rajani, MD
Emory University


Dawn Coleman, MD
University of Michigan


Shang Loh, MD
Stony Brook University


Kelly Kempe, MD
University of Oklahoma


Gabriela Velazquez, MD
Wake Forest University

Immediate Past President

Matthew Corriere, MD
University of Michigan

Past President

James H. Black, MD
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Program Committee (Spring 2021 – 2022)

  • Yazan Duwayi, Chair
  • Sharon Kiang
  • Nathan Liang
  • Jeffrey Siracuse
  • Jordan Stern
  • Jenianne Yi
  • Dave Kauvar

Program Committee (Winter 2021-2022)

  • Karan Garg, Chair
  • Jeanie Ruddy, Vice Chair
  • Jaime Benarroch-Gampel
  • Roan Glocker
  • Manuel Garcia Toca
  • Courtney Holscher
  • Kedar Lavingia
  • J. Westley Ohman
  • Matthew Smeds

Standing Committees


  • Matthew Smeds, Chair
  • Misty Humphries, Ex Officio

Website Subcommittee

  • Jenniann Yi, Chair
  • Linda Wang
  • Meryl Simon
  • Hyein Kim

Newsletter Subcommittee

  • Laura Drudi, Chair
  • Bryan Ehlert
  • Mihai Rosca
  • Mel Sharafuddin


  • Todd Berland, Chair
  • Charles Leithead
  • Mounir Haurani
  • Jason Lee
  • Ravi Veeraswamy
  • Mark Conrad
  • Shang Loh
  • Michael Barfield


  • Kakra Hughes, Chair
  • Ying Wei Lum
  • Yana Etkin

Grants & Scholarships

  • Benjamin Brooke, Chair
  • Tze-Woei (Kevin) Tan
  • Mohamed Zayed
  • Caitlin Hicks
  • Lindsey Korepta
  • Dawn Coleman
  • Kelly Kempe

Membership Development

  • Kristine Orion, Chair
  • Josh Sibile
  • Anna Boniakowski
  • Jason Turner
  • Carlin Williams
  • Misty Humphries

Vascular Research Consortium

  • Jordan Stern, Chair
  • Elizabeth Genovese, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Bath
  • Caitlin Hicks
  • David Kauvar
  • Ahmed Kayssi
  • Leigh-ann O’Banion
  • Max Wohlauer
  • Jason Lee, Ex Officio
  • Ravi Veeraswamy, Ex Officio

Women & Diversity

  • Jill Zink, Chair
  • Sam Cox
  • Christine Shokrzadeh
  • Christopher Ramos

Vascular Resident Education Committee

  • Venita Chandra, Co-Chair (Fellows Program)
  • Mounir Haurani, Co-Chair (Technology Program)
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Yana Etkin
  • Cara Lyle
  • Anand Brahmandam
  • Michael Soult
  • Christopher Smolock
  • Joanelle Lugo, Co-Chair, Ex Officio
  • Jordan Stern, Co-Chair, Ex Officio

Student Education Committee

  • Nathan Orr, Chair
  • Reshma Brahmbhatt
  • Dave Kauvar
  • Arash Fereydooni
  • Robert Beaulieu
  • Max Wohlauer
  • Gregory Magee
  • Gabrila Velazquez, Ex Officio
  • John Rectenwald, Ex Officio

VESS Representatives

Representative to the American College of Surgeons Board of Governors
Patrick Stone, MD

Representative to the ACS Advisory Council for Surgical Specialties
Peter Nelson, MD

Vascular Surgery Board of the ABS
Bernadette Aulivola, MD

SVS Executive Committee
Murray Shames, MD

SVS Young Surgeons Advisory
Misty Humphries, MD