VESS Position Statements  
  • Why Join VESS?

VESS: The Future of Vascular Surgery Is Here

We encourage you to invest early in yourself and your career by joining the Vascular & Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS). The Society boasts over 1000 Active & Candidate members who stand committed to the development of early career, fellowship-trained vascular surgeons.

VESS hosts two national meetings, the Annual Spring Meeting and the Annual Winter Meeting. The Spring Meeting is held the day before the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) every year, underscoring a concerted commitment by both VESS and the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) to positively impact the professional and personal development of the early career vascular surgeon. The Winter Meeting, VESS’s official annual meeting, is held at a family friendly ski resort attracting those hoping to leave first tracks at the podium and on the peaks.

Our meetings foster an encouraging, collaborative environment geared to early career vascular surgeons interested in sharing and benefiting from the exchange of ideas based in basic/translational science, educational, clinical or health outcomes research. We encourage you to cement your work with submissions to Journal of Vascular Surgery and Annals of Vascular Surgery, our official publication partners for the Spring and Winter Meetings, respectively.

VESS membership offerings and opportunities include:

  • Surgeons

    • Give your research a lift by applying for the Early Career Faculty Research Award of $22,500!
    • Catch serious air to visit vascular surgery centers of excellence by applying to the VESS Travel Award!
    • Make more than a ski buddy by participating in the VESS Mentorship Program!
    • Lend your talents and participate in a VESS Committee!
  • Residents/Fellows

    • Get on-piste by applying for the VESS/Medtronic Vascular Resident Research Award of $12,500!
    • Après ski with experienced colleagues through the VESS Mentorship Program!
    • Shred your first years in practice by attending the Vascular Fellows Program at the VESS Annual Meeting and at the VESS
    • Virtual Career Fair!
    • Grow your quiver with industry support at the Vascular Technology Forum at the VESS Annual Meeting!
    • Candidate Membership is FREE!
  • Students

    • Ski down the Vascular Surgery line and get your career on track by attending the Next Generation Student Mentor Program at the VESS Annual Meeting!

We are dedicated to our mission of improving the quality and safety of vascular surgical care through education, scholarship, advocacy and leadership.

Membership Types

  • $200.00 USD


  • Renewal of your membership is based upon approval.
  • FREE


  • Renewal of your membership is based upon approval.
  • $100.00 USD


  • Renewal of your membership is based upon approval.

Guidelines and Application Process

Eligibility for Active Membership in the Society requires the physician to:

  1. Be in good professional standing
  2. Have completed an ACGME approved vascular surgical residency or fellowship program, or equivalent foreign advanced training
  3. Be certified by the American Board of Surgery (or its equivalent) in general surgery.
  4. Submit an application within fifteen years of vascular residency completion.
  5. Have a sustained major interest and active practice in peripheral vascular surgery.

Eligibility for Candidate Membership in the Society requires the physician to:

  1. Be in good professional standing in an RRC accredited general surgery, vascular surgery residency or other vascular residency recognized by the VESS
  2. Provide a Letter from their Program Director

Students in accredited osteopathic and allopathic medical schools can participate in this membership group.

Candidate Members may:

  • Present papers at the annual meeting, if sponsored by an Active Society member
  • Receive meeting notices and routine correspondence
  • Have no voting rights

Upon receipt of a copy of a vascular surgery certificate (or equivalent), and the endorsement of a VESS member, candidate applicants are eligible to be promoted to active members.

Eligibility for Associate Membership in the Society:

Associate Members of this Society shall be limited to non-vascular trained physicians and surgeons with either an MD or DO degree, scientists active in vascular medicine or surgical research, physician extenders in vascular specialties (RN’s, PA’s, NP’s) and vascular technologists. These members shall pay half dues, have no voting rights, cannot be elected as officers of the society, but may submit abstracts and papers to the meetings.

Please select a membership type and click the Enrollment link below.

Applications must be completed and received by December 15th each year to be considered for Membership during the Winter Annual Meeting in February.