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VESS Mentorship Program


Mentorship is one of the most important tools for professional development and has been linked to greater productivity, career advancement, and professional satisfaction. The VESS Mentorship Program aims to promote career and leadership development for early career vascular surgeons. All active members of the VESS within 10 years of training or candidate members in their last year of training are encouraged to apply.

Through a one-year young surgeon/leader match, the program will pair early career vascular surgeons with mentors who are more experienced colleagues, to provide young surgeons with opportunities to further develop leadership skills and obtain guidance for achieving specific career goals. This program also will foster engagement in the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS).

Young Surgeons

Young surgeons will gain a trusted advisor and learn methods to enhance career advancement. Through a partnership with their respective mentor, the young surgeon will learn to:

  • Develop short-term and long-term growth goals and strategies to achieve those goals
  • Identify leadership opportunities within the VESS
  • Expand current networks within the specialty


Mentors will act as a guide to help develop the young surgeon’s career, as well as enhance their personal growth and productivity. The mentor will:

  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Assist the young surgeon on issues such as the establishment of short- and long-term goals, navigation of the advancement/partnership process, and guidance on research and/or teaching activities, etc.
  • Offer advice on overall clinical and practice management concerns

How it Works

  1. The VESS Women & Diversity Committee will review all applications and create a match with a leader based on needs and experience and will notify each young surgeon of the arrangement, as well as provide support and information on successful mentoring relationships.
  2. VESS will monitor the year-long relationship through regular feedback and assessments from both parties to ensure the relationship thrives and is beneficial to both surgeons.

 Who Is Eligible?

  • Applicants must be in the last year of a vascular surgery training program or have completed a training program and have no more than 10 years of practice experience at the time of their application submission.
  • Applicants must be Active members or Candidate members of VESS.

Time Commitment

  • Leaders/young surgeons will be asked to set regular phone meetings, at least once every other month, to discuss young surgeon goals, objectives, and progress
  • One-on-one leader/young surgeon in-person meeting at a time convenient for the leader and young surgeon

Application Deadline: Monday, April 22, 2024


Please contact vess@administrare.com.