• President’s Message

A Message From the President

It is an honor to be writing to you as the 2022-2023 President of this amazing Society. When I went to my first VESS meeting in 2006, I had no idea I would end up here. I went to that meeting almost on a whim as a brand-new attending. I fell immediately for the camaraderie, the science, and the whole environment. We have grown significantly since then in the service we provide to the vascular community through travel scholarships, research grants and as a venue for scientific exchange. This growth is the direct result of the hard work of so many people who spent their time and effort to make VESS better. The Presidents before me have built a tremendous infrastructure which I now inherit. I am deeply indebted to Drs. Jason Lee, Matt Corriere, Jim Black and many more who helped build this. I hope to honor their hard work through my efforts.

Our Society is in good standing. We have a robust membership with over 1400 Active, Associate, Candidate & Medical Student Members. We have ample assets at our disposal to carry out our mission and an enthusiastic, talented organized group of volunteers. This allows us to focus on several key initiatives ahead of us. Our goal is to serve ALL “early career” vascular surgeons and as such-it is imperative that we reach the entire specialty and ensure that every medical student, trainee and young surgeon knows about us and feels welcome in our Society and at our meetings.

Our plan is to engage in a dedicated outreach effort to our colleagues who have not been part of VESS to date and welcome them to the Society and to Vascular Surgery. I have asked Dr. Max Wohlauer and the Student Education Committee to spearhead this effort via outreach to the Student National Medical Association, Latino Student Medical Association and to historically black medical schools. We will simultaneously work through the membership committee led by Dr. Anna Boniakowski and work with Society of Black Academic Surgeons and Society of Black Vascular Surgeons to encourage young surgeons in practice to join as well. These efforts are aligned with our organizational values and will ensure that VESS has a broad membership with a variety of skill sets which will ensure our future success. The committees of VESS are re-populated after the annual meeting and are ready to work on the scientific programs, evaluate grants, fundraise, communicate and put together a wonderful Spring meeting followed by our first ever international meeting in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada in February of 2023. On a housekeeping note—PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PASSPORTS RENEWED and READY well in advance—it can take many weeks right now to process.

With that I humbly begin my tenure as President and hope to serve the members of VESS to the best of my ability.


Ravi Veeraswamy, MD
Medical University of South Carolina
President 2022-2023