• Resident Research Award

VESS/Medtronic Vascular Resident Research Award – 2025

One $12,500 grant for basic/translational science, educational, clinical or health outcomes research will be awarded during the VESS annual winter meeting. The VESS/Medtronic Resident Research Award is specifically designed to help residents in training initiate projects during protected academic development time that will lead to future academic potential toward extramural funding for basic or clinical research.

Eligible candidates must identify with an accredited general or integrated vascular surgery residency program. Within the award application, along with a proposed academic development plan, a VESS Active Member must be identified as either the dedicated research mentor, sponsor or collaborative investigator on this project.

Application Components

(11 pages total, inclusive of all items below):

  1. Introductory letter (<1 page)*
  2. Letter of support and oversight from the VESS Member (<1 page)**
  3. NIH bio-sketch for PI and mentor (NIH format, 5 pages each – exempt from page limit)
  4. Title and abstract (<200 words)
  5. Grant proposal (7 pages)***
    1. Specific aim (1 page)
    2. Background (1 page)
    3. Preliminary data (1 page)
    4. Project (4 pages)
    5. Literature citation list (exempt from page limit)
  6. Budget with justification (1 page)****

Submission Guidelines

  1. All required documentation should be combined into a single PDF document for submission.
  2. Page Margins: Layout and format should conform to current NIH standards
  3. Research activities must be completed within 12 months of receipt of funds.
  4. A summary report detailing the research performed, findings, how the funds were spent, how the findings will be presented/published and what the next step in the research will be is expected to be prepared and forwarded to the Chairman of the VESS Grants & Scholarships Committee within 15 months of receipt of funds.
  5. You will be required to present this report at the VESS Annual Winter Meeting following report submission.

Please submit all required materials, in a single PDF document, electronically to: vess@administrare.com

Subject Line: VESS Resident Research Award

The award will be announced during the 2025 Annual Winter Meeting. It is expected that the winning candidate will be present to accept the award.

For questions, please call the VESS National Office at 978-927-7800 or email vess@administrare.com.

* Applicants are not eligible for award if they are funded by similar resident grants from other societies (ie: SVS, ACS, AAS, etc.). The absence of dual/redundant funding should be addressed in the introductory letter. This letter should include a proposed academic development plan.

** Recipients of these awards must demonstrate that they have the dedicated research time to complete their proposed project during the year of the award. This information should be included in the Letter of Support from the VESS Member. As a reminder, a VESS Member must be identified as either the dedicated research mentor, sponsor or collaborative investigator on this project.

*** The grant proposal itself should be a maximum of seven (7) pages – anything longer will be administratively triaged and will not be considered by the committee.

****The funds from these awards can only be applied to direct research costs and cannot be used for salaries, benefits, overhead or indirect institutional costs. Each direct research cost must be clearly described and justified in the Budget section of the application. Funds may be applied to anticipated travel for the applicant to present research findings at a scientific meeting, but must be limited to a maximum of $1,000.

Deadline for Submission: October 4, 2024