Welcome to the VESS Vascular Surgery Interest Group

The VESS VSIG Goals are as follows:

  • Provide a yearlong forum for vascular committed and vascular interested students from across the country to participate in. This will allow students at institutions with no VSIGs or inactive VSIGs to get continued vascular exposure and mentorship.
  • Provide networking opportunities between students and the VESS members.
  • Give opportunities for motivated students to take leadership roles and ownership of the VESS VSIG. Giving students a sense of ownership of the VESS VSIG will translate to increased involvement of students with our society. This can lead to continued involvement as residents and ultimately junior faculty.
  • Provide a forum for existing VSIGs to network with each other. VSIGs can become members of the VESS VSIG (almost like chapters) and participate in all VESS VSIG activities.

Read about how the VESS VSIG came about and our plans for the future.

Project Timeline

Immediate ProjectsMid-term ProjectsLong-term Projects
VSIG Steering CommitteePeer-Peer mentorship programDatabase of shadowing opportunities
Virtual series for MS1 and MS2 (DISCOVER)VESS VSIG WebpageVirtual Student Research Day
Virtual series for MS3 and MS4 (SPECIALIZE)Representatives to other societiesDatabase of research opportunities

2022 Team Rosters

Past Events

Discover: Vascular Surgery

November 10, 2022

Upcoming Events

Discover: Vascular Surgery

November 10, 2022 at 8PM EST