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Francis Caputo, MD

  • VESS Member Since

    February 2013

  • Undergrad Education

    University of Scranton, Scranton, PA – BS in Biochemistry, 1994

  • Medical School

    New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ – 2003

  • Surgical Training (General Residency/Vascular Residency/Vascular Fellowship)
    • General Surgery – Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, 2003-2010
    • Vascular Surgery – Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • Current Practice

    Associate Professor of Surgery
    Program Director of Vascular Residency and Fellowship
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

  • Professional Interests
    • Open and Endovascular Repair of Complex Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections particularly in the setting of connective tissue disorders
    • Regionalization of healthcare
    • Resident Education
  • Personal Interests

    Fly-fishing and spending time with family

  • Why did you become a vascular surgeon?

    I became a vascular surgeon because it allowed me to solve complex technical problems while enjoying long relationships with patients.

  • Why did you join the VESS?

    I joined VESS caused it seemed like an excellent forum for surgeons in their early to mid career.

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