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Natalie Sridharan, MD

  • VESS Member Since


  • Undergraduate School

    Grove City College, Grove City, PA

  • Medical School

    University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

  • Surgical Training: (General Residency/Vascular Residency/Vascular Fellowship)

    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Integrated Residency

  • Current Practice

    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

  • Professional Interests

    Carotid disease, deep venous pathology, limb salvage, cost effectiveness, medical student and resident education

  • Personal Interests

    Running, being a mom, cooking, gardening, and eating!

  • Why did you become a vascular surgeon?

    I became a vascular surgeon because the field is full of new challenges and new solutions to meet those challenges. There are rarely boring days (and the few that are, are welcome!). Our patients have challenging problems, and it is gratifying to work with them over the long term.

  • Why did you join VESS?

    To connect, collaborate, and ski with other young vascular surgeons!

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