• Member Spotlight

Matthew Wooster, MD


  • VESS Member Since

    February, 2013 (Candidate Member)

  • Undergrad Education

    Duke University, 2008

  • Medical School

    Medical University of South Carolina, 2012

  • Surgical Training (General Residency/Vascular Residency/Vascular Fellowship)

    University of South Florida Vascular Residency, 2017

  • Current Practice

    Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston SC

  • Professional Interests

    Complex aortic pathology, critical limb ischemia, cerebrovascular disease, student/resident education

  • Personal Interests

    Fishing, hiking, reading, mindfulness and personal development, exercise

  • Why did you become a vascular surgeon?

    A fortunate shadowing opportunity with an interventional radiologist just before my second year of medical school introduced me to the field. I immediately fell in love with the rapidly advancing technology, the diverse skill set required, and with the constant intellectual and physical challenges presented. Vascular surgeons are an incredible asset to their communities, bringing a wide range of medical, radiographic, and surgical management options to patients in need.

  • Why did you join the VESS?

    I joined VESS because my program director Murray Shames told me to!  Also because it has been an excellent community since my first exposure at winter VESS as a PGY2 resident. The meetings are always academically fruitful and offer an opportunity for comradery amongst like-minded vascular surgeons.