• Member Spotlight

Tammy Nguyen, MD, PhD

  • VESS Member Since


  • Undergrad Education

    University of California San Diego

  • Medical School

    University of Utah

  • Surgical Training: (General Residency/Vascular Residency/Vascular Fellowship)

    University of Massachusetts Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency

  • Current Practice

    Academic University, University of Massachusetts Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery – Worcester, MA

  • Professional Interests

    CLTI and wound management

  • Personal Interests

    Traveling, renovating a 100 year old house

  • Why did you become a vascular surgeon?

    To do translational research and help patients

  • Why did you join the VESS?

    For the ski conferences and no dress up/tie rule

  • Why did you join the VESS?