• Member Spotlight

Yazan Duwayri, MD

  • VESS Member Since


  • Undergraduate Education

    University of Jordan

  • Medical School

    University of Jordan

  • Surgical Training: (General Residency/Vascular Residency/Vascular Fellowship)
    • General Surgery – University of Toledo
    • Vascular Surgery – Washington University in St Louis
  • Current Practice

    Emory University, Atlanta, GA

  • Professional Interests

    Aortic Aneurysms; Healthcare economics and organizational strategy

  • Personal Interests

    I enjoy watching my kids play team sports. I also enjoy world travel and learning about history and different cultures.

  • Why did you become a vascular surgeon?

    As a junior general surgery resident, I was attracted to vascular surgery because it is a continuously evolving field that has embraced technology. It was obvious to me that vascular surgeons do not fear change and are always looking to adopt new treatment modalities that can help their patients. I also admired that vascular surgeons possess finesse, OR courage and broad medical knowledge that help them tackle complex diseases and support their colleagues in times of need.

  • Why did you join the VESS?

    VESS is a great and friendly forum for early career vascular surgeons. The winter and spring meetings are interactive, educational and discuss practical topics of importance to the practicing busy surgeons. The winter meeting, in particular, is great for reconnecting with friends and networking in an inviting atmosphere.